Protecting Your School & Children

Your school provides children and young adults with the best education in preparing our new generation with the skills to advance in life and their careers. You also want to provide them with the best environment for both security and safety.

  1. Security of the premises when in school
  2. Security of the school after hours
  3. Protect children and staff from the risk of fire
  4. Protect the school’s assets
  5. Safety of properly working doors shutters
School Canteen Roller Shutter

Fire Shutters

One of the most effective ways to protect against fire in internal spaces is by installing fire shutters, they can delay the spread of fire to aid in safe evacuation and protects the school’s assets with time to take action. The area of most importance for this is the school canteen counters where fire protection is imperative. Also do your shutters have safety brakes installed? You can read more about this on a recent blog here.

aluminium manual doors

Internal / External Doors

Are your manual and automatic doors working efficiently to prevent accidents and aid in any school evacuation that may be necessary? Do they open easily? Are the sensors working to their optimal performance? Do they provide easy access for all? Our engineers can perform a site visit to check all your internal and external entrances are in good working order and provide a FREE report you can action.

External roller shutter

Roller Shutters

To give greater protection and security from theft and vandalism to protect your school after hours or in school holidays. Shutters are built to last and provide protection from not only intruders but from weather conditions that may damage your property. Keeping the service and maintenance of your shutter doors on your premises ensures that you are complying with any legal requirements and insurance.

automatic slide doors

Automatic Slide doors

automatic swing doors

Automatic Swing doors

automatic folding doors

Automatic Folding doors

automatic door accessories

Automatic door accessories

hygiene and contactless solutions

Hygienic & Contactless Solutions

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Is Your School Canteen Fire Protected?

Is Your School Canteen Fire Protected?

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Automatic Doors

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Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic Folding Doors

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