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Automatic Sliding Doors

Our automatic sliding door systems are suitable for a wide range of entrance types, such as offices, residential buildings, retail environments and NHS buildings. Safety features on the doors ensure easy access to those who may have difficulties with mobility or are disabled. The modular, flexible system allows for frequent and safe operation, enabling the smooth and safe passage of people and goods day and night.

automatic sliding doors offering a touchless solution
automatic sliding doors in retail shops
Single automatic sliding doors

ADC automatic sliding doors offer an attractive, state-of-the art solution for door automation. The advanced design and sleek styling is ideal for any architectural project. Available in a wide range of colours and with many different accessories available, the ADS sliding door is an asset to any building.

All sliding operators are supplied with a fully monitored battery back up system, which will ensure the doors open in the event of power failure or fire alarm activation. Our sliding doors can also be supplied with a break-out facility which allows users to push the doors open in an emergency.

With contemporary design and forward-thinking technology, the ADC sliding operator is the perfect operator for your next project. We ensure that all our door operating equipment including safety & activation sensors are installed by trained engineers and conform to BS EN 16005:2012.

Sliding automatic doors are by far the most popular and widely used automatic door system

standard sliding doors

Standard sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors offer an attractive, convenient, & durable solution. The advanced design and sleek styling make them ideal for any type of project; from large architectural styles to small functional entrances.

telescopic sliding doors

Telescopic sliding doors

Telescopic Sliding Doors are expertly designed to create the largest possible sliding opening width when space is limited. These doors are a practical and highly functional option, which have the benefits of a Standard Sliding Door.

curved sliding doors

Curved sliding doors

Curved Sliding Doors create a hugely impressive entrance with an ultra-modern experience. The striking aesthetics do not compromise on functionality, as these doors possess all the advantages of a standard sliding door.

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Automatic Folding doors

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Automatic door accessories

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