High speed doors operate much quicker than standard doors, we have picked out 5 benefits of high speed doors and why you should consider them for your premises.

Industrial doors that open and close at high speeds are useful to many different types of industries, from food manufacturers, high traffic warehouses and medical facilities.

ADC maintain and install high speeds doors right across the North West, North East, North Wales and Midland areas. We can respond to any problems with your existing doors the same day if required in an emergency, with a high percentage of first time fixes.

5 Benefits Of High Speed Doors that will improve the daily running of the warehouse

How high speed shutters will help your business.

Here are out top 5 benefits of high speed doors.

1. Energy Efficiency

How many warehouses have you driven past and seen the shutter doors open all day, even in really cold temperature! By keeping your area closed will help to maintain the temperature in the building, not only reducing the loss of heat but keeping an improved working conditions for your employees. Especially in cold days where airflow through from open doors can quickly lose all the heat in the warehouse, increasing your heating bills to try and keep the area warm. Businesses are now more aware of reducing their carbon footprint and are implementing procedures to combat it. Have a read our our blog ‘Reduce Heat Loss With High Speed Doors’

2. Security

Businesses need to keep their staff and assets safe from possible intruders and opportunists who may enter the building, with the quick opening and closing it presents less opportunities for people to put your premises at risk. The doors are also extremely robust making them an ideal choice for making an entrance secure.

3. Contamination & Pests

No warehouse wants unwanted guests such as rats, mice, birds and other creatures – especially if your business has products such as food, supplies or perishable goods. Keeping your doors closed will reduce the risk of little guests making a nuisance. Risk of air pollution is also reduced from spreading into the warehouse, especially if you work in an industrial area with many manufacturing plants which may be producing air contaminants.

4. Quieter working environment

You may work in a heavy traffic area or busy industrial park where there is constant noise. High speed doors can limit the noise due to being open for less time, thus making it a much quieter place for your staff to concentrate and work.

5. Quick and easy access

Fast opening allows vehicles such as forklift trucks to quickly exit and enter the building without delaying operations, this improved the day to day workflow of the business creating an efficient working environment. The high speed shutters can open and close on approach of by remote control from the driver without leaving the vehicle. Our install team can discuss the best option for you.

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You can read more about our high speed doors here: https://www.theautomaticdoorco.com/high-speed-doors/

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