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Regular checks on your automatic doors are a must to ensure they are performing safely and efficiently. 

Your automatic doors should receive a full inspection every year or six months by a qualified engineer. Regular maintenance maximizes user safety and makes sure that the equipment meets all relevant standards (BS EN 16005).

Here are some tips from our engineers for some simple checks on your doors:

  • First, you need to make sure that your sensor is in full working order. To check your sensor, stand four feet away from the automatic entrance and you should see your doors automatically slide open.
  • If your doors are randomly opening on their own without anyone standing four feet away from the sensor, you may have a merchandise display, plant pot, or another object blocking the infrared rays. Check your surrounding area and make sure the sensors are clear.
  • Doors should open smoothly and not stop without impact.
  • To test a presence sensor, stand on the threshold for 10-20 seconds.
  • Listen carefully when the doors are in operation; are there any changes in the sound? 
  • Door hardware check: Make sure no loose screws are visible and no damage has been made to the glass or door itself. Small cracks and dents might seem harmless now, but they’ll worsen if left. 
  • Keep guides clean and remove any dirt or debris that will damage your doors over time. A common cause of a door sticking is the accumulation of debris in the lower track
  • Check for any hazards.
  • Check that your BDE (keypad device) is not showing any warning messages or maintenance required.

Having a professional servicing and maintenance contract in place is essential as regular safety checks need to be carried out by a trained and authorized technician who holds BS7036 OR BS EN16005

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