Now is the time to service your automatic doors before the Winter months arrive!

When the cold months arrive, this is when our customer service team receive the most calls for breakdowns and issues with automatic doors, roller shutters, automatic gates, and other business entrances.

The cold, windy conditions can cause major issues if your assets are susceptible to being affected, possibly costing you more in repairs or replacements when it could have been prevented with regular maintenance checks and servicing.

Service Your Automatic Doors Before The Winter Months

Wintery conditions with heavy snow, rain and winds can expose your automated doors to the some of the harshest conditions, they will have been working hard all year and now is the time to give them a little love and attention before they start to develop problems.

Before any issues occur ensure they are working to the optimum level of operation; this will decrease the likelihood of a breakdown causing inconvenience to your business and customers, more importantly save you on costs on big repairs that may happen if not looked after regularly.

Automatic doors improve the safety and efficiency of your premises, but they are systems that have many moving parts that do require a qualified engineer to make sure the system is running smoothly. Automated doors must be free of any corrosion or damage to work correctly, also shutters need to have a smooth & tight fit to prevent any water entering the building.

If you hear any unusual sounds or grinding, then this is a sign that there is a need for a maintenance check. Doors don’t get a summer holiday and are used every day with many cycles of operation, keeping them serviced will give you many more years of operation at little cost, rather than the larger cost you may have in the longer term.

Our service team can send out an engineer to evaluate your assets, we send out a fully detailed quote well within 48 hours of diagnosis and once instructed we act quickly to ensure that these works are dealt with effectively. All quotes include photographs for reference and a ‘Traffic Light’ system, which helps our clients understand the safety risk and prioritise the repairs. Our well trained door engineers can work on all door manufacturers products such as Record, Dormakaba, Kone, Geze, etc. Speak to our team who can advise you on the best solution.

Call our team to service your automatic doors on 0800 0838630 or email us here to service your automatic doors.

If you have an emergency we are available 24/7 365 days a year, responding quickly to your problem to minimise any downtime you may have on your automated entrances. We have a superb first time fix rate which saves you money and further disruption. We always have someone on call to answer your query and arrange an engineer to repair your automated entrances.

You can read one of our blogs on how you can run regular checks on your automatic doors here, simple tips you can check for before you make the decision to call out an engineer.:

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