“ADC have been installing our products into schools all over the UK since 1997. Providing secure & safe systems that are reliable, high performing and designed for the demanding use in busy student environments.”

What’s the best choice of door in for your school environment?

Automatic Doors for Educational Spaces
Automatic Doors for Educational Spaces

Our entrances and doors in Schools, Colleges and Universities can help to improve the energy efficiency of your school, security, flow of children and can be adapted for contactless entry for good hygiene to decrease the spread of germs.

The materials in our products are reliable, strong and will enable long term performance in an environment where it has heavy use, every single day.

Automatic doors help all students to move around a school independently. They can also help you to ensure your educational institution satisfies the exacting regulations of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

When making the choice you need to consider what the environment and use of space is for. Educational establishments are busy locations with high footfall from staff and students.

Sliding door products are ideal in high traffic areas of traffic due to the strong reliable performance, but they require clear wall space either side of the door for the panels to slide into upon opening. Sliding doors offer an improvement on non-automated doors by eliminating the risk of doors swinging open or closing on staff or students.

Swing doors are perfect for a contactless solution for high volume internal areas such as canteens, corridors and libraries – especially due to quiet operation these products support. Without automation, swing doors can be awkward to push open and are incredibly difficult for wheelchair users to navigate.

Folding doors are ideal when space is limited and you need to maintain as much area as possible. Perfect for corridors where you want to separate certain areas of the school, but still keep the area flowing and not be impeded by a swing door.

Before you make that important decision it is always best to speak to our expert team on 0800 0838630, or email us here.


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