Planned preventative Maintenance (PPM Contracts) is a term used to describe scheduled maintenance or planned maintenance. This type of maintenance is performed regularly on an asset, such as a piece of equipment, a property, or an element of a property.

Our PPM maintenance service is specifically tailored to ensure that your property or asset retains its maximum value and operates at peak efficiency. We prioritize keeping everything in full working order and ensuring the highest level of safety for as long as possible.

By implementing a well-structured preventive maintenance plan, you can avoid any unexpected equipment malfunctions or breakdowns. This ensures that your building runs smoothly without any interruptions and also extends the life of your entrances.

Looking after your automatic doors will prolong its life

Maintenance can be broadly classified into two main categories:

With a reactive maintenance strategy, repairs are only made after a failure occurs. While this approach may lead to higher utilization and output in the short term, it often results in greater expenses for repairs in the long run. Not only are the costs of repairs higher at the point of failure, but there may also be additional damage to address.

By implementing a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) strategy, businesses can proactively schedule maintenance tasks in advance, ensuring they are carried out regularly, even when assets are functioning smoothly. This approach aims to prevent problems before they occur, and although it may result in planned downtime, it proves to be extremely advantageous for businesses. Moreover, a PPM strategy enables more precise budgeting for any necessary works that may arise.

automatic door servicing with PPM Contracts

With a comprehensive planned preventative maintenance program in place for your building, you can anticipate substantial cost savings throughout its entire life cycle.

Discover the countless benefits that await your business when you establish a strong PPM strategy.

  • Property assets have a prolonged lifespan, ensuring their value and usefulness for a longer period of time.
  • The occurrence of major unplanned repair work is significantly reduced, saving time and resources.
  • Productivity is enhanced as there is less unplanned downtime, allowing for smoother operations.
  • Overall efficiency is improved, leading to better performance and outcomes.
  • Maintenance costs and overtime expenses are reduced, resulting in significant savings.

PPM Contracts Mean Your Assets Are Being Cared For?

Not only does a PPM contract ensure that buildings are regularly maintained, but it also offers the reassurance that we are readily available for reactive maintenance. With our familiarity of your assets and buildings, you can trust that we will be there for you in case of a maintenance emergency. Whether it’s day or night, any day of the year, you can rely on us to prioritize resolving the issue promptly, minimising any disruption to the occupants and visitors of your building. Our partnership aims to keep your building functioning smoothly and the people within it satisfied.

Looking for a reliable PPM maintenance strategy for your school, office building, retail outlet, or any other commercial facility? Look no further! We have the expertise to assist you. Our PPM contracts are tailored to suit individual properties and can easily be expanded to cover entire portfolios. Let’s have a chat and explore how we can be of assistance to you.

Do You Need A PPM Contract?

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