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Caldy Grange Grammar

Caldy Grange Grammar

Caldy Grange Grammar School Works completed to replace the original single glazed windows with 75 Senior Pure aluminium windows, improving ventilation and energy efficiency of the school. A project of nearly £200K that was carried out to a tight time frame in...

Prestatyn Former Library

Prestatyn Former Library Working alongside Wynne Construction Ltd for a housing development for older people in Prestatyn built on the site of the old Prestatyn library that was demolished last year. There will be a commercial space on the ground floor and 14,...

Bron Y Nant

Bron Y Nant Project completed at Bron Y Nant. Installation of windows, manual & automatic doors working alongside Wynne Construction & JPF Systems. Great work by our fitting and installation teams. A fantastic team effort A lot of hard work by our team to get...
Liverpool Museum

Liverpool Museum

Liverpool Museum Liverpool Museum 6 bollard replacement and refurbishment with all new LED flashing lights, sounders and safety pressure valves all ready for the Eurovision 2023 security. Security for Liverpool event Liverpool this month was gearing up for one of the...
Liverpool Museum

Macclesfield Hospital

Macclesfield Hospital Macclesfield Hospital was a full team effort as the gate hadn’t run for around 2 years due to motor and ground failure along with other safety components failing and the gate leaf being bent. Working like new With a full refurbishment of the...
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