The benefits of installing automatic doors for train stations

Automatic doors are used throughout commercial environments such as train stations and airports to enable easy access to a building, especially in busy public spaces. Having automatic doors in these environments will not only ensure your station is compliant with current DDA regulations, but also make sure they are fit for emergency situations and security purposes.

Easy Access

The most important reason for installing automatic doors into a station is to improve your access channels and make traveling easier. Stations are open to the public all year round and with constant footfall you need to ensure that congestion is reduced and you keep passenger traffic flowing smoothly. Passengers are often carrying large, bulky luggage items making it difficult for them to access the building via manual doors. Installing an automatic door will help reduce traffic congestion that may build up as a result of people trying to get through manual doors with excess baggage.

It is imperative you take the needs of those with disability or mobility issues into consideration and make traveling as seamless as possible for all passengers. Installing automatic doors will ensure your station is DDA compliant and that you are meeting regulations set out to ensure all individuals have easy access to the building.

Emergency Situations

Automatic doors are highly beneficial for train stations in emergency situations when it comes to evacuating a station safely. If a large number of people will be present in the station (as is the case with most stations) it is imperative to install a breakout system, thus allowing safe exit/entry of passengers in an emergency situation. A breakout system allows people to exit a door quickly and easily, by pushing the doors open no matter what direction they normally operate in. This means passengers are able to vacate the station through any door in an emergency, not just designated exits.

High-security access

Automatic doors for train stations can allow you to strictly control who has access to a specific location at any one time in your station. They allow you to limit access to certain areas, for example in control rooms or cash offices, with the use of access control mechanisms such as fobs, passcodes and fingerprint scanners.

Automatic doors can also help stop dangerous overcrowding on platforms. With access control you can monitor how many people are on the platform and prevent problems associated with overcrowding. By monitoring your passenger levels through computer systems you can alert station staff to when the station has reached its maximum capacity of passengers and prevent any more from accessing the station using access control systems.

Energy Bills

Stations are often large, open spaces which cost a lot to keep warm. It can be very expensive for doors to be kept open when you are trying to heat these spaces as it becomes hugely inefficient and a colossal waste of energy. Automatic doors can save money by reducing your energy bills through a reduction in unnecessary heat loss, as they are only open when they need to be.

As more people use the rail network we must work to keep them safe and keep our stations secure. If you would like to discuss a project with an expert member of the ADC team call us for free on 0800 0461 105 for a free no obligation quote!

Train stations benefit from automatic doors for train stations
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