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Security ideas for your small business

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Security ideas for your small business

ADC’s top tips to protecting your business

Security solutions can be expensive for small business owners but they are an important consideration to maintain efficient running of your business. Here are our top 10 (ish) security solutions for any small business owner.

Risk Assessment

Firstly, and most importantly you need to carry out a thorough risk assessment of your businesses premises. This will give you an idea of where you need to focus your efforts and highlight any areas in need of improvement. When you perform your risk assessment, you need to put yourself in the mind-set of a burglar/ vandal, look for easy access points and areas of poor security, such as CCTV blackspots, poorly lit areas, unsecured entrances etc. Once you have identified these areas, you can now take action to secure and improve them.

Security Lights and CCTV

Installing security cameras and lights will deter any opportunist burglars from attempting to enter your premises unauthorized. It is hard to enter a well-lit area without being noticed and the obvious presence of CCTV would put anybody off. However, if you are planning to install these deterrents make sure you don’t encroach on your neighbour’s privacy, remember your neighbours are your first line of defence against burglars, so do your best not to annoy them!


The best three words of advice we could give you regarding your office security would be: Install an Alarm! And adding to this: make sure you set it every night! Use a reputable alarm company who will install, service and monitor your alarm to ensure maximum protection when you’re not in the office. When your alarm is initially installed, check that no wires can be accessed which could be cut, and place the alarm box in a visible place to deter buglers. Adding signs around your building to warn of alarms and security cameras will act as a further deterrent and help protect your business.

New Locks

Have you recently acquired the premises from another business? If so, you must change your locks immediately! You don’t know who might have had access to your building before so installing new locks will ensure only authorized individuals can enter and you won’t end up with any nasty surprises. Just remember if you rent the premises to you must first ok this decision with your landlord before you proceed. If this isn’t an option for you, an alarm is even more important!

Office Safe

If you have valuables in your office, consider installing a safe to keep them totally secure. It is important you limit the amount of people who have access to the safe, especially the combination/ keys. The fewer people who can gain entry the less likely it is that the items will be stolen, and if they are, the fewer suspects you will have!

Car Park

Keeping your car park secure at all times is essential to ensuring your employees personal safety and the safety of their possessions. The two main problems with security regarding to car parks is the safety of vehicles and the safety of staff.  Stop unauthorised individuals entering your car park by installing a gate/ car park barrier. This will ensure only your employees or authorised vehicles can enter your car park. Access control should be installed into this barrier either using fobs or passcodes to ensure only staff can enter or you could consider employing a guard to man the barrier. Installing a barrier has the benefit of stopping members of the public using your car park for free parking especially if your business is situated in a city as well as stopping any untrustworthy sources entering the car park! Car park crime mainly occurs in dark, poorly lit areas. To reduce the risk of crime, install good lighting across the whole of your car park including, entrances, exits, pathways and stair wells. A well-lit car park well act as a strong deterrent for any criminals looking for an opportunity to arise. Staff will feel safer leaving their cars in a well-lit car park, remember if you feel safe, a criminal probably doesn’t!

Access Control

As well as controlling access to your car park with the use of a barrier, it is important to limit access to your building itself. Adding access control solutions to your doors, such as fob access, intercom etc. will limit unauthorized access whilst allowing staff members to come and go easily. Access control can also act as a way to monitor staff activity from how many people are in the building at any one time (essential for fire safety) to what times staff members enter/ exit. As well as securing doors with access control solutions, make sure your locks are secure. Add strong locks to doors and windows and strengthen any weak points around these areas. If in doubt, call in the professionals to ensure your building is as secure as it can be!

Roller Shutters

Adding roller shutters to your doors and windows is an affordable high security solution for your business. Shutters are mainly installed onto exterior doors and windows where points of entry can be made. Installing a roller shutter will ensure your building is secure when you’re not there and restrict any unauthorized access attempts. By installing a roller shutter, the glass in your windows and doors is protected from external hazards. This limits burglars gaining entry but also secures your building from weather conditions such as storms where glass could be broken from broken branches etc.

Roller Shutters remove the requirement of an overnight security guard and act as a deterrent to any would be intruders. They can fitted to almost any project and can even be installed internally within a building. If you are located in a shared office building for example, it is a smart idea to install roller shutters to your part of the office to ensure 24/7 security. You may leave the office before others and therefore your business could be at risk due to this!

Want to know more about how roller shutters could benefit your business? Visit our product page or contact our team for more information.

Perimeter Security

Secure any fences and lock any gates around the perimeter of your premises. Applying anti-bugler paint to fences will limit access to opportunist buglers and securing any points of access will reduce unauthorized entry. Add highly visible signs around your premises to inform individuals what types of security you have to show you take your security seriously.


Make sure you get the right insurance for your business.  When sorting insurance check with the insurance company whether there any requirement or exemplifications on your insurance. Does the bugler alarm have to be set at all times? Do you require any specific precautions? Checking these now and making sure you comply with them may save you in the future!

Cyber Security

Cyber security is a huge threat to any modern business. Installing up to date cyber security software including anti-virus and anti-malware programmes is important to protect your business from any cyber-attacks. It is important to limit staff access to certain company files e.g. accounts etc. to ensure all date is kept secure and limited to only authorised individuals. . Install secure staff logins and require updates passwords every 30 days to further improve your cyber security. If you are not the most technical of companies and don’t feel you can adequately secure yourselves, you should consider using a specialist IT support company to manage your IT and security.

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    Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council (Glyn Greenwood, Assistant Building Management Officer)

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