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1st April 2021 | ADC

The benefits of installing a Roller Shutter.

Roller shutters are mainly installed on the exterior side of the building as they are a secure asset and will...

11th February 2021 | Access Control

Automation for the NHS and Care Homes

  One of the most important sectors at the moment for automatic doors is the NHS and Care homes. COVID-19...

13th January 2021 | ADC

Daily checks on your Automatic Sliding Doors

Daily checks on your automatic sliding doors are a must, especially in the winter season, when the weather conditions are...

29th September 2020 | ADC

Confidence in ADC

Since COVID-19 arrived, we understand that people may feel reluctant when calling out a contractor to their place of work....

10th September 2020 | ADC

COVID-19 Risk Assessment for service engineers

Note: Due to the constantly changing situation, dynamic risk assessments must be carried out by all engineers whilst on site...

10th September 2020 | ADC

Engineer Protocols for COVID-19

PRIORITY - Engineers will only work if feeling well and will be vigilant when recognising symptoms of fever (high temperature)...

5th June 2020 | ADC

Our solutions to Covid-19

The arrival of Covid-19 has changed life as we know it. The challenges that we are all facing are distressing,...

1st March 2018 | Shop Fronts

5 reasons why aluminium is fast becoming the chosen material for modern shop fronts

All commercial premises need a shop front. From small single storey retail outlets to large supermarkets, car show rooms, and...

24th January 2018 | Service and Maintenance

Automatic gate broken – don’t panic (what to do)

At ADC, we often receive calls from people experiencing problems with their automatic gates. They range from the gates having...

24th January 2018 | Automatic Doors

Automatic doors – sliding vs swinging

If you’re opening a new business premises or re-fitting an existing building, automatic doors are an essential part of your...

24th January 2018 | Roller Shutters

Roller shutter maintenance & other considerations for taking care of your warehouse stock over winter

Many companies close over Christmas. Orders are often slow, so it makes financial sense to give your employees some time...

24th January 2018 | Shop Fronts

The top security features of aluminium shop fronts

There are many types of shop fronts. From single storey shops and small businesses to large-scale commercial buildings like shopping...

2nd January 2018 | Automatic Doors

Retrofit doors

Retrofit automatic door installations are a cost-effective way to modernise your business’ entrance doors. Retrofit kits provide universal components to...

28th November 2017 | Automatic Doors

FAQs on automatic door installation

At ADC, we work with a wide variety of customers. We have installed and regularly service automatic doors on buildings...

2nd November 2017 | Service and Maintenance

Automatic door not working? The Automatic Door Company can help

If your automatic doors aren’t working, you need to find a quick solution. At best, the problem will be inconvenient,...

16th October 2017 | Automatic Doors

4 businesses where automatic door systems are vital

Automatic door systems are a valuable asset to any business premises. They provide convenience for potential customers and help employees...

9th October 2017 | Automatic Doors

The history of automatic doors

Automatic doors are used throughout the world. From supermarkets to schools and hospitals to offices, you probably use them almost...

2nd October 2017 | Automatic Doors

How automatic doors can boost your business

Is your business’ entrance currently fitted with manually operated doors?  If so, have you considered replacing them with automatic doors? ...

22nd August 2017 | ADC

Why it pays to choose a main contractor with a strong relationship with the council

The importance of a good relationship between a main contractor and the council can’t be underestimated. Through extensive discussions before,...

18th August 2017 | Automatic Doors

DDA Requirements for Automatic Doors

DDA Requirements Your automatic doors must be DDA-compliant by law. At The Automatic Door Company, we’ve installed DDA doors for...

18th August 2017 | Automatic Doors

Choosing the Right Automatic Door

Choosing the right automatic door Choosing the right automatic door for your premises can be an important factor when considering...

17th August 2017 | Roller Shutters

Benefits of Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters The main reason that most companies install roller shutters is for security purposes. Installing a roller shutter is...

17th August 2017 | Service and Maintenance

Maintaining Automatic Doors

Maintaining Automatic Doors While investing in automatic doors involves considerable initial outlay, taking simple steps to maintain your door will...

17th August 2017 | Automatic Doors

The Advantages of Having an Automatic Door

The Advantages Of Having An Automatic Door Automatic doors are used throughout industrial and commercial environments to enable easy access...

17th August 2017 | Train Stations

Automatic Doors for Train Stations

The benefits of installing automatic doors in train stations Automatic doors are used throughout commercial environments such as train stations...

15th July 2017 | Shop Fronts

How to specify the right aluminium shop front system

Are you an architect or specifier? Would you like the perfect shop front system complete with commercial doors? Would you...

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With over 20 years of experience as the UK's leading automatic door specialist, we have expanded our services to span across England, Wales and the South of Scotland. We manufacture and install a range of doors systems, including automatic doors, roller shutters and gates and barriers, as well as offering automatic door service and maintenance contracts and repairments.

From Liverpool to Manchester, to Southampton and Bristol, and everywhere in between, our professional installation team will deliver customised automatic door solutions that meet your project requirements and budgets.

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