Ice Cream Farm

As part of this refurbishment the ADC team installed 2 new sets of double power swing operator kits including appropriate safety sensors to the Ice Cream Parlours main entrance doors.

ice cream farm automatic door install
Ice Cream Farm Tattenhall automatic doors

Automated entrance

To supply, install and commission 2 double power swing operator kits including appropriate activation and safety sensors to the 2 sets of main entrance double doors. ADC can retro-fit any manual doors into automatic systems.

The two sets of double doors allow the Ice Cream Farm to minimise congestion, control traffic, reducing heat loss and energy bills.

Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire

The Fell family has been creating award-winning Cheshire Farm Ice Cream for over 30 years and has grown significantly since that time.

The site, which sits adjacent to the Cheshire Farm Ice Cream production unit that supplies over 1000 pubs, restaurants and retail units throughout the UK, has expanded dramatically with time and currently attracts well over half a million visitors a year.

ADC installed double power swing operator kits

With your hands full of delicious homemade ice cream from Tattenhall Ice Cream Farm the last thing you want to do is risk dropping it when opening the door.

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