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How to maintain your automatic doors

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ADC’s Top Tips for maintaining your automatic doors

Products such as automatic doors are expensive, there is no way of getting around the initial price. However, taking simple steps to maintain your door will ensure that over time your initial cost doesn’t seem like anything at all. By looking after your product it should last you a long time, years and years and hopefully mean you aren’t having to replace the simple steps to maintain your door will ensure that over time your initial cost doesn’t seem like anything at all. By lo costly item too soon!

Here are our top tips for making them last the test of time!

Get it Serviced

It’s simple really, getting your door serviced regularly means it will last a lot longer. Think of a door just like your car. It has moving parts and just like an engine it needs to be looked after!

Current regulations require employers and building managers to safeguard workers and visitors against injury by ensuring that buildings are ‘fit for purpose’. This includes automatic doors which are required to have stringent annual maintenance to ensure safety levels. Without certified maintenance, property insurance may be invalid.

An annual service will ensure your door is working effectively and safely.

Make sure a trained engineer services your door and don’t be afraid to ask what you’re signing up for. Asking your door company for a list of what will be included in the service will ensure that your door is serviced in accordance with British Standards, and you can have peace of mind that the door is in full, safe working order.

When arranging a service, think about how often the door is used and when you will need a service? Once a year is usually enough, however with a high traffic door, every six months may be a better option. Ask your engineer what they recommend for your door.

Replace Minor Parts

It’s easier and cheaper to replace small minor parts than to replace a whole door FACT. If a small part of the door is worn out or broken it is essential to fix it as soon as you can in order to maintain the door’s lifespan.

Small parts of the door will need replacing. Just like a car where you need to replace wipers, lights etc. you may also have to replace parts on an automatic door to prolong its life. Fixing small parts is an easier and more cost effective solution in the long run than replacing a door or paying out for costly repairs when something major happens.

Again it is essential that a trained engineer diagnoses and fixes any faults with your door. Automatic Doors are complicated and can be dangerous pieces of equipment if not handled correctly. A poor DIY job could result in a much more expensive fix to put it right!

Keep an eye out

It is very rare for an automatic door to break suddenly, unless due to accident or malicious damage, most of the time there are early warning signs that show your door needs fixing before it gives up all together.

Make sure you check your doors regularly for signs of wear and tear or damage and get these problems fixed by an engineer before a small problem become a huge one.

Look after your doors, ensure they are opening and closing properly, there are no obstructions which could cause damage and look out for anything that isn’t quite right. If the door looks a little bit strange, likelihood is there’s something wrong and it needs fixing.  There will be a huge difference between repairing one faulty part and replacing a whole door.

Keep it clean and clear

It is important that you keep your door clean and clear of obstructions.

If you are going to clean your door, turn it off by the mains and wipe down the doors and sensors. It is not advised that you touch the automation/ electronics of the door. Once the sensors and door leaves are clean you should clear away and objects that may cause an obstruction to the doors or alter the effectiveness of the sensors.

Don’t push it!

If your door is opening slowly don’t force it to work faster. You may break it!

By forcing the motor you will eventually break it and have worse problems than just a slowly opening door. If you feel your doors are moving too slowly speak to your Engineer who can adjust the speed settings accordingly, and fit your needs.

Just whatever you do, please don’t force the door!

Extended Warranty

If you’re purchasing a new door and are wondering how to maintain it, the first thing to do would be to ask the installer if they provide an extended warranty and what the warranty is on individual parts. This will then give you an idea of when you need to start servicing the door to get the best out of it. Ideally an extended warranty will give you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong with the door it can be fixed quickly and effectively, so bear this in mind, when you purchase.

Correct Signage

Make sure you are displaying the correct signage on your automatic door. It will show people what type of door it is and reduce the risk of any accidents occurring which may damage the door!

All of these things will make sure you automatic door will stand the test of time. If you would like to discuss it further contact our team for advise and support or or sign up to our mailing list

  • “The Automatic Door Company (ADC) were asked to quote for the contract to maintain the Auto Doors at East Cheshire NHS Trust in 2014. Which has been carried out to an exceptional standard. During this period ADC have also replaced two doors to the entrance to our A&E these doors have changed the appearance and functionality of the A&E. ADC have also carried out the installation to the entrance to Orthopaedics this has changed the waiting area for the better and the waiting area is now more comfortable for patients and staff within the waiting area. Over all ADC have work to a high standard as I look forward to working with ADC in the future.”

    East Cheshire NHS Trust (Laurence Edwards, Estates officer)
  • “Edge Hill University have been using ADC for the installation, servicing and reactive repairs of our automatic doors for a number of years. The work they have carried out is neat, tidy and has been delivered to a high standard. Site Engineers are always well presented, polite and communicate in a professional manner, Customer Service Excellence is a core requirement for Edge Hill University. I would not hesitate to recommend (working with) The Automatic Door Company. Technical enquiries are always responded to in a prompt manner, with Administrative Staff willing to help in any way they can.”

    Edge Hill University (Mark Burton, Facilities Manager)
  • “On a busy university campus its vital that the infra-structure runs smoothly. ADC have maintained and repaired the doors here for many years, giving us a very dependable service at a competitive price, and moreover total piece of mind.”

    Edge Hill University (Colin Francis, Maintenance Supervisor)
  • “ADC have serviced our automatic doors for a number of years now and we would highly recommend their service. They are quick to respond to enquiries and maintain a professional demeanour when on site. Their skilled engineers are friendly and always willing to go out of their way to help with any issues or queries we may have. We are very happy with the service ADC provide and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

    Guardian Print Centre (Rob Court, Facilities Manager)
  • “The ADC Service engineers are highly reliable and hardworking. They are thoughtful of our needs and always willing to go the extra mile to help us, offering information and advice as well as quality service. We have worked with ADC for the past 9 years and we would use ADC for future works as we are pleased with everything they have delivered so far.”

    Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council (Glyn Greenwood, Assistant Building Management Officer)

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