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Why automatic doors need to be installed into hospitals

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Automatic doors in hospitals

Nobody likes hospitals, but they are an important part of our society.

So how can hospitals benefit from installing an automatic door?


Control that traffic!

Recent government announcements aim to make the NHS a 7 days a week service.

Some hospital departments are already 24/7, such as A & E, however a full 7 days a week service is likely to increase your traffic levels through the building, so you need to prepare accordingly. Conditions such as this require carefully thought out entrance and exit solutions to ensure people can enter and exit the buildings easily and efficiently at all times.

Automatic doors can help ease the congestion that often builds up at entrances during peak times.

A large number of the people entering and exiting hospitals often have mobility issues, such as elderly and disabled individuals. Installing automatic doors ensures that those with a physical impairment can enter the hospital during peak times in a safe manner. This may also reduce the amount of assistance individuals require and improve their independence. Installing automatic doors may also mean that extra staff are not required to help some individuals gain access to the building (as access has been automated) and therefore can be used in other areas of the hospital for more pressing matters.

Safety first

Safety is a very important factor in hospitals.

Automatic doors mean that there is a dramatically reduced risk of accidents at entrance ways. Safety measures are put in place to reduce the risk of finger and body traps, by installing sensors and finger guards to the doors. This means fewer accidents may occur due to the installation of automatic doors than existing manual doors.

As well as improving safety on entering the building, we must also pay due care and attention to the safety of individuals already inside the building. Whilst automatic doors can help ease traffic by ensuring a large number of individuals can enter the hospital quickly and efficiently, they can also help limit access to areas where a security risk may be in place.

 Installing automatic doors can ensure that only certain people have access to certain areas within a hospital. This could include administration areas where sensitive data is being kept (thus ensuring compliance with the data protection act), labs where hazardous materials are located and wards with vulnerable individuals. Keeping patients safe is imperative in hospitals and wards with elderly individuals or children could be targeted for criminal activity. By installing appropriate restricted access controls such as fob access, remote controlled entry with buzzers, passcode restrictions etc. you can control who can enter wards and therefore improve the security of the facility.

Keep it clean!

Cleanliness is imperative in hospitals!

 With recent news coverage highlighting the dangers of hospital care relating to cleanliness such as MRSA etc. it important to maintain an exceptional level of hygiene. So how can automatic doors help?

Most automatic doors are comprised of aluminium and glass, making them easy to keep clean. Glass is bacteria resistant meaning you can further improve your cleanliness in a hospital by using automatic doors. Non touch access can be applied to automatic doors, including solutions such as wave activators or sensors, meaning nothing needs to be touched to open the door, thus reducing the transfer of bacteria, and limiting infections spreading through the hospital.

Automatic door technology can also be applied to clean rooms. The auto-door technology can improve the efficiency of the clean rooms meaning the system become more effective as the spread of infection is dramatically reduced.

All these solutions together will lead to an improved level of hygiene in hospitals.

Open up your access!

The main feature of an automatic door is that it improves access into hospitals.

You must consider who visits the hospital regularly and how you are going to adapt to meet their needs efficiently. Automatic doors make it easier for individuals with limited mobility to enter and exit the building efficiently. This may include disabled individuals, elderly individuals, parents with children etc. By installing automatic doors you also ensure you are compliant with DDA legislation therefore making it easy and convenient for everyone to enter the premises, efficiently and effortlessly.

Installing an automatic door not only assists patients and visitors but also hospital staff. Automatic doors can provide easy access and mobility for those transporting bulky and heavy objects such as porters moving beds etc. By increasing mobility through the hospital you are ensuring the day to day goings on of the hospital run as smoothly as possible with limited disruption. Automatic doors can also ensure staff can get to places they need to be quicker, as access is made easier and traffic is reduced, therefore the reaction times to emergencies may be reduced by installing automatic doors!

Automatic doors can also reduce risks associated with the daily tasks of a hospital. Large, heavy equipment is often transported around hospitals, as well as hot food and beverages. By installing automatic doors and making access and mobility easier for staff, risks associated with this equipment may be reduced further.

Cost effective solutions…

Budgets are the bane of your life, it’s understandable. You want to provide the best level of care you can for patients but are restricted by budgets, so reducing costs anywhere will be vital for you!

Automatic Doors can help you save money and reduce your energy bills.

An automatic door only opens and closes when required therefore reducing heat loss from a building, meaning the initial cost of the door can be covered over time by a reduction in energy bills. Doors are not required to be held open constantly, instead the door opens when access is required and closes after use, meaning heat is not being lost unnecessarily whilst access is still maintained. Automatic door are also easy to maintain and are a reliable option for access. They are durable solutions and are a long lasting option for hospitals where a cost effective, easy access solution is required.

You look fabulous!

It is often a concern for patients and families that the hospital they are being treated in is the best option for them.

You need to reassure your patients that you really have their best interests at heart and you care about their needs.

Automatic doors show you are prepared to invest in the hospital for the good of your patients, they show you care about the cleanliness of the hospital and the safety of your patients. It instills trust within yourselves and provides the public with a sleek, modern image to reassure them further.

Tick another thing off your to do list

Prevention is always better than a cure.

Prevent any problems that may occur in the future by re-assessing your entrance solutions now and improving them before problems occur. Whether you are looking for a completely new installation or want to upgrade your existing manual doors to an automatic solution. Still unsure of need further guidance. Check out our website to discover which door solution may be best for you, call us for free advice on 0800 0461 105 or sign up to our mailing list

  • “The Automatic Door Company (ADC) were asked to quote for the contract to maintain the Auto Doors at East Cheshire NHS Trust in 2014. Which has been carried out to an exceptional standard. During this period ADC have also replaced two doors to the entrance to our A&E these doors have changed the appearance and functionality of the A&E. ADC have also carried out the installation to the entrance to Orthopaedics this has changed the waiting area for the better and the waiting area is now more comfortable for patients and staff within the waiting area. Over all ADC have work to a high standard as I look forward to working with ADC in the future.”

    East Cheshire NHS Trust (Laurence Edwards, Estates officer)
  • “Edge Hill University have been using ADC for the installation, servicing and reactive repairs of our automatic doors for a number of years. The work they have carried out is neat, tidy and has been delivered to a high standard. Site Engineers are always well presented, polite and communicate in a professional manner, Customer Service Excellence is a core requirement for Edge Hill University. I would not hesitate to recommend (working with) The Automatic Door Company. Technical enquiries are always responded to in a prompt manner, with Administrative Staff willing to help in any way they can.”

    Edge Hill University (Mark Burton, Facilities Manager)
  • “On a busy university campus its vital that the infra-structure runs smoothly. ADC have maintained and repaired the doors here for many years, giving us a very dependable service at a competitive price, and moreover total piece of mind.”

    Edge Hill University (Colin Francis, Maintenance Supervisor)
  • “ADC have serviced our automatic doors for a number of years now and we would highly recommend their service. They are quick to respond to enquiries and maintain a professional demeanour when on site. Their skilled engineers are friendly and always willing to go out of their way to help with any issues or queries we may have. We are very happy with the service ADC provide and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

    Guardian Print Centre (Rob Court, Facilities Manager)
  • “The ADC Service engineers are highly reliable and hardworking. They are thoughtful of our needs and always willing to go the extra mile to help us, offering information and advice as well as quality service. We have worked with ADC for the past 9 years and we would use ADC for future works as we are pleased with everything they have delivered so far.”

    Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council (Glyn Greenwood, Assistant Building Management Officer)

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