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Energy saving tips for your business

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Christmas is over, it’s getting colder and summer seems light years away.

People are getting miserable as the January blues hit and to make the situation even worse your energy bills are rising higher than ever. It’s time to make your new year’s resolution, so let’s be realistic, Chocolate tastes better than Kale, you can’t go jogging in winter and nobody is giving up wine especially not in January! If you’re going to make one new year’s resolution for 2016, resolve to reduce your businesses energy bills.


Turn it off!


Firstly and most importantly, why are you wasting money running appliances overnight?

Leaving lights, printers, computers, fans, heating etc. on overnight will end up costing you a fortune in energy bills. If nobody is in the office, there’s no point in anything being left on, it’s just wasting money!

To notice an immediate reduction ensure everything is switched off before you go home every night, a quick 2 minute check around the building could save you a lot of money and save the environment as well (think of the polar bears people!).

Lunchtime rush

Let’s be honest, when you’re rushing out the door for your lunch, the last thing you want to do is save all your files, bookmark all your tabs and power down your computer.

However over time, bad habits like this can add further to your energy bills, simple steps such as turning off the monitor to your computer will save energy without meaning you lose any work, and valuable eating time isn’t wasted!

Holiday time

If the premises will be vacated for a longer period of time, e.g. over holiday periods make a conscious effort to turn everything off, and we mean everything! Now would be a good time to give the freezer a defrost, turn all lights and appliances off and give your bills a break.

If you are taking an extended break over winter, you may want to consider installing roller shutters to the exterior of your property. Shutters are extremely efficient at retaining heat, so if you chose to leave your heating on, to maintain a constant temperature and limit the risk of burst pipes, it won’t have to work as hard with the insulating benefits of shutters.

 money pens contract

Speaking of heating

Did you know, that by turning your heating down by 1 degree you can reduce your energy bills by up to 10% every year? It might be time to have a look at your thermostat and think, is that one degree really worth it, are two degrees worth it, do we need heating?

If you’ve decided blue isn’t a colour that looks good on you and you are using the heating this winter, ensure all doors and windows are kept closed before you turn it on.

Leaving windows and doors open will only mean you heat the corridor and the street outside forcing your heating to work twice as hard to heat the room and waste a lot of energy and money in the process.

To further retain heat you should consider installing new, more energy-efficient windows to your premises to reduce heat loss and lower bills even more!

Keeping your radiators and vents free from obstruction will ensure a fully effective heat flow through the room meaning appliances don’t have to work as hard. Combine this with closing the door and you’ll have a happy boiler and a lower bill!

Radiator temperature winter warm

It’s getting hot in here…

Nobody wants to sit in an office in the summer months, unfortunately most of us can’t take the office to the beach so we must brave the summer heat and martyr on to work. You instantly regret this decision when the office is sweltering, it’s too hot to function and you start to consider a career as a life guard. Then somebody finally turns the air conditioning on…

It’s inevitable in the summer months but there are ways you can reduce hefty bills whist not turning the office into a re-creation of the Sahara desert.

Firstly, before things get too hot, open the windows and doors to improve air flow and hopefully catch that non-existent breeze. By not turning the air-con on until it is absolutely necessary, you can help reduce your bills and only face slight grumbling from that guy in the office who is so hot he wears shorts in December…

When you’re past the point of no return and even you have to admit defeat, make sure you close all those doors and windows before you turn the air-con on. By leaving doors and windows open, you are only paying to cool down the street outside and ensuring your corridor is a lovely cool temperature for people nipping to the loo.

Regularly service your air conditioning to ensure filters are kept clean and clear and it is functioning efficiently. This also has the benefit of the office not smelling like a rotten fish, but more importantly brings those bills down that little bit further.

Icecream summer hot

Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Installing energy-saving light bulbs into your business will ensure you are not wasting energy unnecessarily. LED light bulbs offer a huge reduction in energy bills and are well worth the initial investments.

As well as the simple act of switching lights off when the room is not in use you should consider installing motion sensors into areas of the building such as hallways/ bathrooms where lights may be left on and waste energy due to low traffic levels.

Having lights on a motion sensor timer means you can set the motion sensor for hours when the business is empty, such as after business hours. If there is still activity within the room the light will stay on so those hard working employees can still see whilst everyone else goes home however, if not, the light will not be left on overnight, and you wont end up spending unnecessary amounts on energy bills… you could spend them on something more important… we suggest tea!

Lights bulbs (4)

GO Green

Whilst recycling may not directly save you money, over time a reduction in the use of fossil fu
els could cause a reduction in energy bills. It also helps you work towards becoming a greener company, and makes you feel a little bit better about accidentally printing that 100 page document when you only ne
eded the second paragraph off page 73.

This might be the time to start limiting the level of paper wastage in your business to save you money on both energy bills and paper costs. Providing a basket for waste paper to be re-used gives staff a source of paper for note making/ rough work without using more paper than needed. Not only does this save wasted paper it also means those 99 and half pages (not including the second paragraph on page 73) didn’t go to waste after all.

We all need technology in the office, computers, phones, printers, and most importantly the kettle but this doesn’t mean we can’t be energy savvy about which ones we pick! Consider updating your tech and appliances for more ‘greener’ versions. Only use appliances with an ‘A’ rating for energy and update technology to newer models which use less energy. For example laptops are more energy efficient than desktop computers so if you are considering new technology it pays to consider which appliances are right for you and your business. By only choosing A Rated appliances you could save up to a whopping £247 a year! It might be time to bin that really old kettle…

Most importantly when it’s time to re-new shop around for a better deal. You could save hundreds of pounds every year just by switching to a different energy provider, surely the effort of a quick compare the market search, plus you could end up with a free meerkat toy at the end of it. #winwin.  When renewing company car contracts consider more eco-friendly models for staff to further help you reduce those bills. This will have the benefits of saving on both fuel and road tax. Not only does this benefit you, but your employees will be happier too, as they will almost certainly save on their company car tax. Happy employees = more productive employees = better business.

energy efficiency home

Invest in Business

If you want to further reduce your energy bills investing in energy-saving solutions will make a huge difference. Cavity wall and ceiling/ loft insulation will reduce heat lost from your building.

Installing thermally broken windows and doors will massively reduce the amount of heat lost from your building.Thermally broken aluminium windows and doors involve using a piece of material that doesn’t conduct heat that acts as a barrier  to prevent heat transferring from the inner frame to the outer frame and to prevent the cold moving in from the outer to the inner. The thermal barrier conducts up to 1,000 times less heat than aluminium, so it provides a tremendous reduction in heat loss and increases thermal performance.

To take your green status to the next level you can install solar panels to the roof of your building and rain capturing methods where recycled water can be used in toilets/ gardens. It’s an expensive option to begin with but once you start producing your own energy and hugely reducing your water usage, you’ll start to see the benefits and be glad you chose to invest, as well as that, you know you’re saving the world, one rain water flush at a time!

For more information on how ADC can save you money with your energy bills, give us a call, and let us help you achieve your new years goals!

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