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Roller Shutters

The main reason that most companies install roller shutters is for security purposes. Installing a roller shutter is a cost effective option to ensure your building is secure and no unauthorised individuals can gain access to the premises.

Roller shutters are mainly installed onto the exterior of the building and can be produced in a wide variety of colours and sizes to suit any project. Whilst shutters are usually installed to the exterior of the building, they can also be installed internally, such as to an area of the building that is restricted and only used at certain times, making them one of the most versatile types of doors we have available.

Roller shutters as a deterrent

Adding the security features of a roller shutter into your existing security plan will ensure that your building remains secure and gives a clear message to anyone who may attempt to access the building.


Roller shutters not only protect your business from criminals, they also provide your building with protection from the elements. High winds and storms often result in broken glass in doors and windows, which can become very costly very quickly. Installing roller shutters is an effective solution to this problem and helps to save you money.


Roller shutters are a very cost-effective security solution over time. With regular service and maintenance, they are a long-lasting, low maintenance solution. They are easy to clean and a durable security option for your business. A low investment over time is required but can have huge positive effects for you, including the possibility of lowering the cost of insurance due to heightened security and lowering your energy bills.


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