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Automatic doors in train stations

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The benefits of installing automatic doors in train stations


The railway system in Great Britain is the oldest in the world. Every year 1.6 billion people pass through the 2553 stations and now, with new government approved projects such as HS2 planning to make it easier and quicker to travel using the rail network, they are only going to get busier. This means more and more people will be traveling by trains and passing through our stations and therefore, it is imperative to put measures in place to keep people safe and keep stations running efficiently.

Our solution?

Automatic doors of course!


Easy Access

The most important reason for installing automatic doors into a station is to improve your access channels and make traveling easier.

Stations are open to the public all year round and with constant footfall you need to ensure that congestion is reduced and you keep passenger traffic flowing smoothly. Passengers are often carrying large, bulky luggage items making it difficult for them to access the building via manual doors. Installing an automatic door will help reduce traffic congestion that may build up as a result of people trying to get through manual doors with luggage etc.

It is imperative you take the needs of those with disability or mobility issues into consideration and make traveling as seamless as possible for ALL passengers. It is important your passengers have a pleasant traveling experience and this starts from the moment they enter the building. Installing automatic doors will ensure your station is DDA compliant and you are meeting regulations set out to ensure all individual have easy access to the building.


Emergency Situations

Automatic doors are highly beneficial in emergency situations when it comes to evacuating a station safely and quickly. They can be set to hold open automatically thus removing the need for someone to manually hold open the doors or the door to be opened frequently as people exit the station. This function is also beneficial during busy times of the day. In emergency situations, automatic doors can also be set to automatically close in an emergency. This may be used to limit access to areas where a fire may have begun or to prevent a fire spreading. There is also the option here to install fire rated doors to further help protect your station from fire damage.

If a large number of people will be present in the station (as is the case with most stations) it is imperative to install a breakout system, thus allow safe exit/ entry of passengers in an emergency situation. Breakouts allow people to exit a door quickly and easily, by pushing the doors open no matter what direction they normally operate in. This means passengers are able t vacate the station through any door in an emergency, not just designated exits.


High-security access

As more and more people travel by rail – security will become more and more of an issue. News events have highlighted how detrimental weak security can be and have led to a dramatic increase in station security levels. It is imperative to take security levels very seriously to reduce accidents and keep passengers and staff safe at all times.

Automatic Doors will allow you to strictly control who is where at any one time in your station.  They allow you to limit access in certain areas of the station for example in control rooms, cash offices etc. with the use of access control such as fobs, passcodes, fingerprint scanners etc.

Automatic Doors can also help stop dangerous overcrowding on platforms. By using access control you can monitor how many people are on the platform and prevent problems associated with overcrowding. By monitoring your passenger levels through computer systems you can alert station staff to when the station has reached its maximum capacity of passengers and prevent any more from accessing the station using access control systems.

Access control is not only be used to prevent overcrowding but also to prevent fare dodgers. By only allowing access through the use of doors or barriers you ensure nobody can access the platform without the use of a valid ticket and therefore reduce the number of those using the rail network without paying. Thus, automatic doors can even help you make money!


Energy Bills

Rail Fares are increasing at an average rate of 2.2% every year, with some areas seeing as much as a 20% increase in fares. Rail travel is expensive. There’s no getting around it, so any cost savings will be greatly appreciated by passengers.

It is also expensive to run a station, with heightened levels of security and more and more people passing through costs will rise and these rising costs will be directly related to rising fares, so how can you reduce costs?

Automatic doors can save you money, by reducing your energy bills through a reduction in unnecessary heat loss. Automatic Doors are only open when they need to be, doors are not being held open to improve access and therefore, heat loss is lessened as the door is only opened when it needs to be. Stations are often large open spaces which cost a lot to heat and keep warm, you don’t want doors to be kept open when you are trying to heat these spaces as it becomes hugely inefficient and a colossal waste of energy.

By installing doors, reduce this heat loss and thus reduce your energy bills. This also has the benefit in the summer of reducing your air con wastage that would also be caused by held open doors, after all, you don’t want to be cooling the street outside.


As more people use the rail network we must work to keep them safe and keep our stations secure. If you would like to discuss a project with an expert member of the ADC team call us for free on 0800 0461 105 for a free no obligation quote!



  • “The Automatic Door Company (ADC) were asked to quote for the contract to maintain the Auto Doors at East Cheshire NHS Trust in 2014. Which has been carried out to an exceptional standard. During this period ADC have also replaced two doors to the entrance to our A&E these doors have changed the appearance and functionality of the A&E. ADC have also carried out the installation to the entrance to Orthopaedics this has changed the waiting area for the better and the waiting area is now more comfortable for patients and staff within the waiting area. Over all ADC have work to a high standard as I look forward to working with ADC in the future.”

    East Cheshire NHS Trust (Laurence Edwards, Estates officer)
  • “Edge Hill University have been using ADC for the installation, servicing and reactive repairs of our automatic doors for a number of years. The work they have carried out is neat, tidy and has been delivered to a high standard. Site Engineers are always well presented, polite and communicate in a professional manner, Customer Service Excellence is a core requirement for Edge Hill University. I would not hesitate to recommend (working with) The Automatic Door Company. Technical enquiries are always responded to in a prompt manner, with Administrative Staff willing to help in any way they can.”

    Edge Hill University (Mark Burton, Facilities Manager)
  • “On a busy university campus its vital that the infra-structure runs smoothly. ADC have maintained and repaired the doors here for many years, giving us a very dependable service at a competitive price, and moreover total piece of mind.”

    Edge Hill University (Colin Francis, Maintenance Supervisor)
  • “ADC have serviced our automatic doors for a number of years now and we would highly recommend their service. They are quick to respond to enquiries and maintain a professional demeanour when on site. Their skilled engineers are friendly and always willing to go out of their way to help with any issues or queries we may have. We are very happy with the service ADC provide and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

    Guardian Print Centre (Rob Court, Facilities Manager)
  • “The ADC Service engineers are highly reliable and hardworking. They are thoughtful of our needs and always willing to go the extra mile to help us, offering information and advice as well as quality service. We have worked with ADC for the past 9 years and we would use ADC for future works as we are pleased with everything they have delivered so far.”

    Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council (Glyn Greenwood, Assistant Building Management Officer)

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