Automatic Door Upgrades

Ice cream farm automatic door install

Adding To Your Door

If you require additions to your standard install, please speak to our team who will advise you on the best solutions.

Automating existing manual doors

Almost any type of door can be automated. Whether your existing door is timber, aluminum or steel, ADC can retrofit a new operator to create a fully Automatic Door. All of our retro fitted doors are compliant with BS-EN16005 requirements.


Upgrading door safety

ADC can upgrade your safety devices to ensure that the safety of your doors is not compromised as they age, ensuring your door complies to the current standards BS-EN 16005 and moving along with changes in technology.


Access control

We offer solutions for a vast range of applications where door entry and access control are required with many choices of entrance panels and telephone receivers. Which improves user convenience and security. Can be installed on new or existing doors, manual or automatic


Audio and video intercom systems

Safest intercom system to manage calls made at an entrance of a building. Ideal for the workplace, residential accommodation, NHS buildings or any entrances that require extra surveillance. Can be tailored to suit site needs and conditions with a wide choice of telephone and videophone designs.


Interlock Systems

We are able to programme two or more sets of Automatic Doors to work in unison with each other. Ideal for high security sites, cleanrooms and controlled environments.

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Automatic door accessories

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