Automatic door systems are a valuable asset to any business premises. They provide convenience for potential customers and help employees to move easily and quickly into their place of work with no obstruction. For some businesses however, automatic door systems are vital. Without their user-friendly access and egress capacity, certain businesses would cease to function and accessibility would be drastically reduced.

At The Automatic Door Company, we’ve installed automatic doors on a wide range of business premises. Here are four businesses who rely on automatic doors to function properly.

1. Hospitals

Medical emergencies can literally be a matter of life and death. There are few situations where a couple of seconds can make a massive difference to the outcome of a critical situation. When a patient is rushed to hospital, the A & E department should be instantly accessible via quick opening automatic doors. Paramedics need to have the easiest possible access so that they can transport the patient into the hospital as quickly as possible, giving the best chance of survival.

2. Supermarkets

Imagine the chaos and congestion if you had to manually open a supermarket door while trying to manoeuvre a heavy trolley full of shopping. We may take automatic doors for granted in our day to day lives but supermarket managers certainly don’t. Retail is an intensely profit driven sector. In order to keep customers happy and create a constant flow of shoppers, supermarket automatic doors need regular servicing to ensure they continue to function at peak levels.

3. Schools

With school doors, safety is paramount. Automatic door systems are designed to protect users and are fitted with a back-up system so that they never trap a user or close when someone is trying to gain access. School doors are opened and closed thousands of times every day. They need to be accessible for people with varying levels of mobility. For students, teachers, and visitors alike, automatic doors are now an essential part of any 21st century school.

4. Companies where security is essential (military sites, prisons, banks, factories etc.)

Automatic door systems with restricted access can help to protect sensitive information and valuable or dangerous materials. Access control systems including swipe cards, biometric scanners (voice, finger print, retina activated), keypad systems, and proximity cards can effectively protect your business premises avoiding potential theft, damage, and loss of sensitive information.

If you’re a business owner or you’re involved in the development of a commercial enterprise, automatic doors can help to bring your business premises up to date. For more information about The Automatic Door Company call 0800 0461 105 or send us a message online.

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